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MeOlá, I’m Barbara. a Brazilian native who recently moved to the US to attend design school. I started this blog several years ago because I had a passing interest in web design and development. Well, the more I wrote about it and worked on it the more I was determined to make design a career. And my interests have expanded well beyond web design. While that is my main interest I’ve been learning a lot about graphic design, interior design, architectural design, product design, and more!

I decided to move to the US because I have family in the Houston area and I’d always wanted to live outside of Brazil, even if only for a few years. So far it’s been really great. The food, smells, and language are all new and exciting and I really believe I will enjoy my time here.

While I’m sure school will keep me busy I’m hoping to find some time to blog about interesting topics that I learn about in school or hear about elsewhere. If you want to get in touch please send me a note using the contact form.

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