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Helpful Hints for Better Website Design

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web designWhether it’s a personal blog, a news site, or your businesses website, an easy to navigate design will add to the visitor enjoyment of your site. We’ve all been to sites that are cluttered and difficult to navigate and it usually results in hitting the back button on the browser to look for a new option. Most of us amateur web designers use wordpress to manage our sites which is easy to use and comes with a lot of bells and whistles. Maybe a few too many bells and whistles. We can add content to the header, both sidebars, the footer, and just about everywhere else on the page. What oftentimes happens is a page gets so filled with content it’s distracting to the eye and takes away from the user experience.

To improve the look and feel of your website use these simple tips to improve the overall site design:

  1. Get rid of any sound or video immediately! Sound or video that plays automatically when a user arrives at a site is the number one way to lose that user. Unless someone is visiting a band page, no one wants to be forced to hear what is most likely a some very low quality “music”. They came for information, not to be serenaded. Same goes with video. No one wants to see it. You can provide the option for a user to view your videos or listen to your music but don’t force it on them.
  2. Make it Easy to Navigate. Ever been to a site where you couldn’t find the navigation bar? It was probably the last time you visited that site, right? I like one main navigation point, whether that be a bar under the header or a listing of pages on the sidebar. Don’t overdo it but make it consistent. Don’t have links to some pages in one spot and links to other pages in another area. Consistency is good for the user.
  3. Invest in a Header. Website headers are really cheap and easy to come by these days. In fact, you can have one professionally designed for $5 at fiverr.com. Go there, find a designer with a lot of positive reviews, and get a good looking logo. This is especially important if you have a business site where the professional look of your site is very important.
  4. Don’t Forget the Social Share Buttons. These days, when people read something they like the first thing they want to do is share it using facebook, twitter, or google+. Make it easy for the user to do so by including social share buttons at either the beginning or end of the article. I don’t like the floating share buttons that follow the readers screen as they navigate. It distracts from the content the person is trying to read and diminishes the user experience.
  5. Whitespace is Your Friend. Don’t clutter your site. Just don’t do it. You don’t need to fill every available spot on your site with information. It’s nice to just be able to read an article without something flashing or some bright color catching your eye. The user will get more value from your site if they can enjoy it uninterrupted.

All of these tips are very easy to incorporate into a website and will make a world of difference. Implement them on your site today and enjoy the benefits or lower bounce rates and a better user experience!


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