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Thoughts on Graphic Design and Computers

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thoughts on graphic designRapid gratification from computer functions allow Graphic Designers to explore several ideas quickly and with more detail than they could explore by hand sketching or paper mock-ups. However, for the creative processes of the brain, the providing of several design options at once can actually diffuse the project with too many choices. The creative senses need room to expand upon their own and travel their primary creativity avenue of thought before re-evaluating the project and selecting another creation.

A graphic designer sketches by hand without being distracted by computer software demands. Creativity transferred from mind to hand to paper has always been the chosen route of artists and designers from time immemorial. This hand process saves time and money, as changes can be made and discarded from the sketch more easily. This hybrid process is especially useful in freeing the creative mind and juices from the electronic performance of a computer program.

Graphic designers in the past relied on computer techs called “production artists” enter the graphics designers’ works into the computer. Desktop Publishing has, over 30 years of use, gradually initiated teaching computer graphics software in graphic design courses. Moreover, graphic designers new to the field are now expected to have proficiency in the most popular computer graphic design programs.

Graphic design career paths cover all types, and frequently overlap each other. The main job of a Graphic Designer is arranging visual prompts and ideas in media. Today’s graduating graphic design students are highly exposed to all genres of graphic design and must become familiar with all of them to be competitive in today’s graphic design market.

The job duty pecking order for graphic design involves the graphics designer reporting to the graphics supervisor, then to the art department head designer. Different countries may have differing titles for the positions, but the order is the same. After the work has been approved up the department chain of command, it can be sent back to the original graphics designer for completion and following through on any innovations required by supervision. Once the project is completely designed, it can be sent to Print for a finished mock up to be shown to the client. Sometimes the senior graphics designer is included in the client presentation, which is very beneficial to the designer in terms of experience and in terms of stature within the company.

Graphic designers can work in companies solely involved in graphic design or work within a company in a particular department providing graphic design to and for the main company. Since introduction of personal computers to this industry, graphic designers have been employed within organizations that are not design companies as in-house graphic designers. Graphic designers may also work as free-lance designers, working on their own terms, prices, and ideas. This is the first stepping stone toward a designer forming his or her own graphic design company and working for their own clientele on brand identification, logos, photographic displays and more.

Graphics designers have open job mobility since their job descriptions involve all aspects of art, photography, engineering design and brand identification. Achieving a Graphics Design education should prepare men and women for a future career in a thriving business field.


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